SQL warehouses

What is a Databricks SQL warehouse?

This article introduces SQL warehouses (formerly SQL endpoints) and describes how to work with them using the Databricks SQL UI. A SQL warehouse is a compute resource that lets you run SQL commands on data objects within Databricks SQL. Compute resources are infrastructure resources that provide processing capabilities in the cloud.

SQL endpoints name changed to SQL warehouses

Databricks changed the name from SQL endpoint to SQL warehouse because it is more than just an API entry point for running SQL commands. A SQL warehouse is a compute resource for all your data warehousing needs, an integral part of the Lakehouse Platform.

Other compute resource types include Azure Databricks clusters. To work with SQL warehouses using the API, see SQL Warehouses APIs 2.0.

Cluster size

The table in this section maps SQL warehouse cluster sizes to Azure Databricks cluster driver size and worker counts. The driver size only applies to Classic SQL warehouses.

Cluster sizeInstance type for driver (applies only to Classic warehouses)Worker count

The instance size of all workers is Standard_E8ds_v4.

Each driver and worker has eight 128 GB Standard LRS managed disks attached. Attached disks are charged hourly.