Python PIP

Check if PIP is Installed

python -m pip --version
pip --version

update pip

pip install --upgrade pip

ตัวอย่างติดตั้ง package camelcase

pip install camelcase

การใช้ Package camelcase · PyPI

import camelcase

c = camelcase.CamelCase()
txt = "hello world"

print(c.hump(txt))           # Hello World
from camelcase import CamelCase
c = CamelCase()
s = 'this is a sentence that needs CamelCasing!'
print (c.hump(s))
# This is a Sentence That Needs CamelCasing!

*ดูจาก output เหมือนจะเป็น PascalCase ?

Find Packages

PyPI · The Python Package Index

Remove a Package

> pip uninstall camelcase

List Packages

> pip list