Azure Data

Microsoft Certified

1Azure Data FundamentalsExam DP-900
2Azure Database Administrator AssociateExam DP-300
3Azure Data Engineer AssociateExam DP-203

Azure Data Fundamentals , Learning paths

1.Explore core data concepts

1.1 Explore core data concepts

1.2 Explore roles and responsibilities in the world of data

1.3 Describe concepts of relational data

1.4 Explore concepts of non-relational data

1.5 Explore concepts of data analytics

2.Explore relational data in Azure

2.1 Explore relational data services in Azure

2.2 Explore provisioning and deploying relational database services in Azure

2.3 Query relational data in Azure

3.Explore non-relational data in Azure

3.1 Explore non-relational data offerings in Azure

3.2 Explore provisioning and deploying non-relational data services in Azure

3.3 Manage non-relational data stores in Azure

4.Explore modern data warehouse analytics in Azure

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เรียก QnA Maker ด้วย Postman

สร้าง QnA Maker ตามนี้ Exercise – Create a bot – Learn | Microsoft Docs

เสร็จแล้วก็ Publish จะได้ตัวอย่างการเรียกด้วย Postman และ Curl

POST /knowledgebases/65c21545-xxxx-4cc9-982f-35649a25398a/generateAnswer
Authorization: EndpointKey 6a5fc60b-xxxx-4121-a921-159eac6eec90
Content-Type: application/json
{"question":"<Your question>"}
curl -X POST -H "Authorization: EndpointKey 6a5fc60b-xxxx-4121-a921-159eac6eec90" -H "Content-type: application/json" -d "{'question':'<Your question>'}"

ลองเรียกด้วย Postman

Response แต่ละแบบ

    "error": {
        "code": "Unauthorized",
        "message": "Authorization Failed"
    "answers": [
            "questions": [],
            "answer": "No good match found in KB.",
            "score": 0.0,
            "id": -1,
            "isDocumentText": false,
            "metadata": []
    "activeLearningEnabled": false
    "answers": [
            "questions": [
            "answer": "Hi man!",
            "score": 100.0,
            "id": 9,
            "source": "Editorial",
            "isDocumentText": false,
            "metadata": [],
            "context": {
                "isContextOnly": false,
                "prompts": []
    "activeLearningEnabled": false


Azure AI

Microsoft Certified

1Azure AI FundamentalsExam AI-900
2Azure AI Engineer AssociateExam AI-102
3Azure Data Scientist AssociateExam DP-100

Azure AI Fundamentals , Learning paths

1.Get started with artificial intelligence

2.Explore visual tools for machine learning

3.Explore computer vision

4.Explore natural language processing

5.Explore conversational AI

6.Explore decision support

7.Explore knowledge mining

Choose a bot-building tool

Prepare for AI engineering

Azure Services

Azure Machine Learning studio

Anomaly DetectorDocumentation

QnA MakerDocumentationเรียก QnA Maker ด้วย Postman

Pricing – Face APIDoc

Computer Vision Docs

Custom VisionCustom VisionDoc

Azure Form Recognizer Doc


Cognitive Speech ServicesDoc

Translator documentation


Azure Bot Service

Bot FrameworkDocumentationbotframework-sdk


Seeing AI App from Microsoft